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10nl --> 50nl, fuck 25nl
  seatown12, Dec 23 2008

So I'm pretty sure I'm just going to play 10nl until I'm rolled for 50nl ($1k or $1250 not sure yet). I understand how people play at 25nl and I'm not having trouble playing against them so to speak but I just think the 10nl crowd is much more exploitable. I'm confident I can maintain a 10ptbb/100 winrate at 10nl whereas at 25nl I'm not sure but I would not count on 4ptbb/100 which is what I would have to make to equal my expected 10nl rate monetarily. Also, I run so bad at 25nl that I think I'm completely mindfucked and pretty much insta-life tilt as soon as I sit down at a $25 table, which I know is terrible but what can you do. I have consistently beat 50nl in the past, so I'm not worried that I have ran into my poker ceiling, just for some reason Stars 25nl is cursed for me and I'm over it. Kinda strange I guess but I'm serious about the winrates so I really think it's more profitable for me to just do this. I don't know if anyone has any thoughts about this plan or any advice, I'll definitely listen but my mind is pretty made up so it would take a pretty compelling argument to change my mind.

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Multiple Barrels - Suicide?
  seatown12, Dec 18 2008

At a level like 25nl where everyone is super stationy and bullshit, is there ever any point to trying to put someone off a hand even if you can tell they have something super marginal? Here is a hand for discussion:
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In this hand because of playing with the guy for a while and the way he acted I knew he had a ten. Against a reasonable player I might bet all three streets to get him off this marginal holding. I have found 25nl players to be crazy stationy though so I rarely make this move. Do you guys agree that giving up is the best play even when I know the opponent is weak?

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fml 25nl
  seatown12, Dec 14 2008

So I was shitting on 10nl so ez and moved up at $728, now I'm down to $658 after like 20k hands and not sure if I'm running bad or just retarded so I thought I'd get some feedback. I'll start updating this blog with hands that confuse me to see if its my fault I'm losing. Also anyone who has crushed 25nl if you have any generic tips about this level I'd appreciate it, for instance at 10nl people were looking for excuses to fold so c-bets etc were mandatory but at 25nl every time I c-bet bluff I get snapped so hard and people are in general more stationy.

One thing in particular I have had trouble with is paying off sets which I think maybe I could be not doing, heres an example:
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wish I had more but can't find any right now

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